Inaugural Post

I don’t feel like a grown up.
I mean, I call my father “daddy” even though I’m 25 and he’s 55;

(me and my daddy circa 1983)
I refuse to watch any TV shows that could possibly be deemed scary (even if I’ve been told repeatedly that they aren’t);

(image courtesy of NBC)

if I could, I would eat cereal for every meal;

(image courtesy of General Mills)

I slept with a teddy bear until about two months ago when my too-attached-to-me puppy got jealous and brutally murdered the bear;

I love playing almost any game that comes in its own box;

(image courtesy of Out of the Box Publishing)

I wish that people would break into song and dance in real life…


(Gene Kelly in Singin’ In the Rain, 1952)

The list is endless.


Then in September 2008 I got a dog (an eight week old Vizsla puppy, to be exact)
(Chambers, September 2008, from author’s personal collection)
and ever since then all these “grown up” things started popping up in my life.
On January 31, 2009, Brian, my boyfriend of seven years, proposed to me at a beautiful waterfall in the Tennessee mountains.

(the Grotto in the Tennessee Smokies, from author’s personal collection)


And on February 9, 2009, Brian and I closed on our first home.

(image from author’s personal collection)


So, I decided to start this blog for two reasons:
1. I need to find a way to prevent all the ideas that pop into my head (especially related to the wedding and the house) from escaping – apparently growing up means you forget everything as soon as you think of it.
2. There is so much going on in my life right now that I wanted to find a way to document it all. I know this will be a time I’m going to want to relive over and over and over again later on down the road…

Voila! This blog.


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