Vendors I – Photography

Once we had the venue booked, I set about finding all the other vendors. I had this fear that I would find one I loved and they would be unavailable so I made it my mission to figure out the photographer, musician(s), baker, officient, etc. ASAP.

Happily, almost all of my vendors were easy to find and I loved them all immediately (yea!). The first was my photographer, Angela Stott, who is amazing. Not only is her work breathtaking, but as soon as I spoke with her on the phone I knew she was the one. It was like she was inside my head reading my thoughts as she answered all my (millions of) questions. She was so easy to talk to and as soon as we hung up I knew I had to have her shoot my wedding. I, of course, checked with my fiance and my parents to make sure they approved (how could they not?!), and then we made it official. Angela has spent tons of time brainstorming ideas with me and helping me create my wedding “vision” along the way, which has been great. She is even making a site visit to High Hampton this fall to make sure she knows all the great spots to shoot us in as well as when and where we’ll have the best light, etc. Yep, she’s pretty amazing.

Here are some of my favorites from Angela’s portfolio (all, obviously, courtesy of Angela Stott):



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