Our House

I know most of the posts have been wedding oriented so far, but that is only one of the reasons I think I might be a grown up. But perhaps the most convincing reason is that I own a home – well, Brian and I own a home.
We sort of stumbled into looking at homes when one of my colleagues bought a house in a nearby development that has (wait for it…) a COVERED BRIDGE. I know.

(the actual bridge leading into the community)

 We just couldn’t resist looking at the neighborhood. First we just drove through it thinking all the homes would be out of our price range, but then we saw they had townhomes – how cute! The woman in my office is actually married to a real estate agent and he agreed to show us one of the townhomes, just so we could see what they looked like. That was the beginning of the end.


Once we started looking at places we could OWN, we couldn’t stop. Our apartment wasn’t enough for us anymore and we kept thinking about all the great things we would do if we had our own place. Our fabulous real estate agent, Jim Johnson, patiently showed us countless area homes, but none seemed to be the one. We found one we liked, but the didn’t even respond to our (admittedly) low-ball offer. We thought that was the end of the road, for now.


Then Brian found what would become our house. It was in a neighborhood he had driven me through years before when we were fantasizing about “someday” and homes we would be able to afford down the road. In the interim, smaller single family homes had been built that were much closer to what we wanted to pay and as soon as we saw it we knew it was the one. We closed on it on February 9, 2009.


Here are some pictures of our home right after we bought it (please note 1) the lack of furnishings (the only difference now is that we have an actual guest room bed) and 2) that Chambers has managed to sneak into most of the pictures like he was there all along…):

(ours is the light blue one in the middle)

(view from the front door – the living room leads into the dining room and then kitchen)

(the kitchen as seen from the dining room)

(close up view of the kitchen)

(back patio, which is right off the kitchen, there is a yard back here too, but not much of one!)

(master bedroom – this furniture is actually in the guest room now since we got a king bed for the master)

(future guests will appreciate the actual bed in here now, though Chambers thinks the air mattress is just fine)

(bonus room, with a full bathroom, on the third floor)


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