Vendors III – Stationer

When I started looking at what I’d like for wedding invitations, I was astounded by the cost – high into the thousands of dollars, especially if you got more pieces than just the invitations (i.e. reply cards, any informational cards, etc.). I just couldn’t justify spending that much on such a small piece of the wedding puzzle, even if it is the first impression your guests have of your wedding. 

I considered making my own invitations, but it seems like such a grueling process and only really worth it if you had a Gocco machine, which are now extinct and impossible to find.

On one of the many wedding blogs I read, I heard about a bride who found her stationer on Etsy and I thought it was at least worth a shot. What an amazing website! I put a plea out there (also known as an Alchemy request) for a wedding invitation suite within a certain budget and got TONS of responses. It was difficult sifting through all them, but I ended up falling in love with Jennifer Jameson of Feathered Nest Press.

Jennifer is so creative and really understood the tone I wanted for my invitations (and for the wedding as a whole). She went through countless edits for me and “what if we tried this…” adventures and came up with a Save The Date that Brian and I really loved.

 Save the Date

I can’t wait to work with her on the invitations!


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