Wedding Colors

Choosing the wedding colors was initially really tough for me. I knew I wanted a main color that would work well in the fall (i.e. not seem out of season, like a light pink or turquoise might) and then one or two complimentary colors, but it was really hard nailing down a palette that felt right.

First I thought maybe navy and a green color (all images courtesy of snippet & ink, unless otherwise noted):


But something about the green made it feel summery, which I didn’t want.

What about white? Very bridal (obviously) and sort of a-seasonal (if that is even a word, probably not).

So wintry, though… and I feel strongly that the word snow is a “bad four-letter word” – so white is a no.

Then I thought maybe brown could be the primary color – very fall:

I stuck with brown for a while until I realized I really didn’t the color all that much – the idea of having brown bridesmaid dresses just made me feel blah – nothing about brown makes me light up or feel excited, it’s just… brown… and I wanted my wedding color to make me smile.

I kept going back to navy… it would work in the fall, though it’s not a typical “fall” color and I get a good feeling when I think of navy (which sounds ridiculous, but you have to take those things into account!). The dilema? Since it’s not a standard fall color, how could I make it work without being too summery or too nautical? The accent color would be key, but I couldn’t come up with one I liked… When I talked to my all too rational mom about this she said “you just seem to want navy. Why not just have navy be your color and pick the accent color later?” Genius. We went ahead with navy and haven’t looked back. Here is the inspiration board I made the night I decided navy was the color:

However, I still haven’t found *the* accent color… I did add a taupe color (which you can see on the S/Ds) to the navy (it’s actually the color of the sash in my wedding dress – more on that later), but I still think we need a pop of color in places – the bridesmaids shoes, for example – and I can’t find a color that feels right. Here are some options:

Navy and yellow or navy and orange (definitely fall colors, though the yellow still feels a little summery, especially with the navy, don’t you think?):

I like the orange/marigold color, but Brian told me he’s not a fan… Look how pretty those bridesmaids look with those orange bouquets?! I might try to convince him…

There are also some more feminine options using “girlie” colors like pink or purple:

I like the lavender color above better than the pale pink, but both, again, seem like they would work better for a spring of summer wedding or even a fall wedding in a city – not a fall wedding in the mountains. I’m keeping the lavender in mind, though.

A recent find is navy and a deep red (my mom is thinking of deep red or burgundy for her MOB dress, so it’s been on my mind lately). I really like the below inspiration board:

And, last, but not least is trusty navy and green, though I like this board better than the ones above – it uses a darker, more olive green as opposed to a summery, grass green (this one is from With This Ring):

Any thoughts on this topic? Brian, I’m talking to you… 🙂





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2 responses to “Wedding Colors

  1. Megan

    Hey Natalie – I came across the EAD blog today for the first time and in scrolling through saw a post that said Davidson College! After the initial shock I read the whole thing, saw the author and had to laugh – I graduated ’05 at Davidson too, I know of you through Dorsett (my roommate sophomore year). I’m getting married May ’10 and my colors are blue and yellow, so personally I vote for those but they are definitely more spring/summery 🙂 I really like the navy and deep red inspiration board for your fall wedding though! Hope the planning has been fun and is going smoothly, good luck with everything!

    • nabombard

      Glad you found me – it’s fun to know there is another Davidson person (besides Brian!) that reads my blog… 🙂 Still debating colors, but I’m leaning towards the red, too! The yellow will be great in the late spring – where are you getting married?

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