Ideas from the blog world

Over the six months (!) that I’ve been engaged, I have become completely obsessed with wedding blogs.  Well, if I’m being honest, my obsession isn’t restricted to only wedding blogs, but wedding blogs are the reason I got hooked to blogs in the first place.  Before Brian proposed, I really wasn’t into reading blogs – not that I was opposed to reading blogs, I just didn’t religiously read them.  I would occasionally pop over to a gossip blog, but that was really it.  Then I got engaged and found Style Me Prettyand it was all over.  And now I can’t believe I lived without my daily blog reading for a whole 25 years!  There is a plethora of fabulous stuff (forgive the generic term, but there is really no way to simplify everything in to one perfect word) out there that has not only been extremely helpful to me in planning the wedding, but I’ve also been stockpiling ideas for the house and my life for use at a later time (more on that later!).

Since I’m pretty sure the majority of my girlfriends think I’m certifiable, I thought I would share some of the amazing things I’ve found on the wedding blogs I follow.  It’ll be over the course of a few posts because there is a lot of stuff out there that I like!  But before you get too excited about all the wonderfulness I’m about to share with you, remember, you will get sucked in…  Enjoy!


I’m not planning to wear a ruffled belt on my wedding day, but that doesn’t mean I’m not planning to wear one ever (oh, and it comes with DIY instructions).

Ruffle Belt
(via 100 Layer Cake)

 gold shoes
(via Green Wedding Shoes)

Since the wedding is in November, a shrug could be a good idea (especially one as cute as this one!).

(via Something Old, Something New)

(via Green Wedding Shoes)



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2 responses to “Ideas from the blog world

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  2. Claire

    i’m expecting red and white checkered socks for under our bridesmaid dresses. oh wait, the dresses are short. nevermind.
    amazing blog, girlfriend. love you!

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