Brian and I finally made the decision to go on our honeymoon right after the wedding (yea!) and yesterday I emailed the mother of my BFF and MOH to let her know (she kindly offered their beautiful home in Huatulco, Mexico to Brian and I for our honeymoon trip – I know, we have really great people in our life).  After I emailed her to let her know, she emailed me several pictures (taken with her phone) of the beautiful home and surroundings (she’s there right now). 

Thinking about this amazing place helps me stay sane (and even makes me a little giddy) when I start getting stressed about the wedding/the house/the puppy/life in general… Oh man, this is going to be great.

view 5

Rocking chairs make pretty much anything a little more perfect…

view 4

I foresee lots of lounging in and near this amazing pool… can’t you just picture me with a cocktail in hand leaning against the edge of the pool, looking out at that view?

view 3

I’m calling this chair as my reading spot.  Or maybe that couch…


This is the view from the bedroom! Maybe Brian will bring me coffee in the mornings and we can sit and sip on it at that table…

view from the bedroom

I can’t wait to eat breakfast at this outdoor dining table.  Who am I kidding, I can’t wait to eat all my meals at the outdoor dining table!

outdoor dining room

Can you ask for a more incredible place to spend your first days as husband and wife?



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2 responses to “Honeymoon

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  2. Theresa

    Oh by all means, get him started with the “morning coffee” thing right away! Chip still does, and it’s just a sweet little thing that makes my day start that much better.

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