Bridal Shower Weekend

The last weekend in July was my *first* wedding-related event – a bridal shower hosted by my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids. There were several people who came in from out of town, so Meredith L., my MOH, (with the help of my other fabulous bridesmaids) planned a plethora events spanning the entire weekend: dinner and drinks on Friday at Press, cocktails at my place before the official shower at Williams Sonoma on Saturday, and brunch at our favorite spot, Pewter Rose, of Sunday. It was a whirlwind weekend, but I had such a wonderful time!
Here are some fun pics from the weekend:
From Press:
Dinner at Press
From Williams Sonoma:
Welcome Pig
The had a great appetizer spread out for us when we arrived, including the most amazing sundried tomato dip ever:
Appetizer Spread
One of the many group shots:
Group 1
Me and Brian’s cousin, Laura:
Laura and I
Group 2
Group 3
Me with Brian’s mom:
Rosemary and I
Eating the yummy dinner after they showed us how to make it:
Eating Dinner
Opening gifts (with Meredith diligently taking notes and mom playing “Santa”):
Opening Gifts
The cute apron signed by all the attendees:
 Apron Pic
 Group 4
Sadly, by the time brunch rolled around on Sunday morning, we were pooped and not interested in any more pictures!  The food was delicious, as always, which helped in the recovery process…

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