This seems pretty grown up

Yesterday my phone died. It died because of nothing I did to it, it just decided that August 18th was the end and that was that. On a side note, because I didn’t try to kill or lose it or ask someone to steal it, I couldn’t get a replacement through my insurance – so, basically, being a good phone owner gets you no where.

Fortunately, I was able to take advantage of an upgrade and get a new phone for free (once I mail in the rebate, of course!). The sad/grown up thing is… that I got… a… blackberry. I know. Really grown up.


Oh the plus/not quite grown up side, I have no idea how the darned thing works.  One of my friends had to explain in really small words how to even send a message through blackberry messanger – are there blackberry seminars out there for people like me? 

Although, now that I’m typing this, I think I sound more like an old lady who doesn’t get the whole *technology* thing than a tech-savvy youngster.


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