September Adventure, part deux

I flew back from Paris on a Wednesday, landing around midnight, then left the very next day for my bachelorette weekend.  Fortunately, we were headed somewhere that was within easy driving distance and one of my wonderful bridesmaids offered to drive – amazing!  Where did we go?  Bald Head Island, which is off North Carolina’s coast.

We had a fabulous time just hanging out and we were surprisingly good about getting a workout out in the morning so we didn’t feel like slugs… plus!  my two health-concious friends did the grocery shopping so we didn’t even feel bad about what we ate over the weekend, which is amazing given our track record for girls weekends.  We definitely drank too much and told ridiculous stories (that of course came with illustrations and demonstrations) and had a grand ole time.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect bachelorette weekend – thanks, girls!

bhi ferry
The Bald Head Island Ferry Station offers a myriad of sustenance options, we, of course, chose to start the weekend off right with a glass of wine while we waited for the ferry to take us to the island.

sunset on the ferry
The sunset during our ferry ride over – so beautiful.  Sadly, I just had the camera on my blackberry, so it’s a little grainy…

Girls in White
We had a white night – don’t we look so perty?

Opening Presents
The girls opted for jewelry in lieu of lingerie, which I loved!  I am so jewelry deficient (mostly due to how totally intimidated I am by the stuff), so it was perfect!

Princess Me
Isn’t this picture priceless – I look like such a princess… Great job, Kendall!

Brian’s actually at his bachelor party this weekend in Savannah, but there’s no way he’s having as good a time as I had… Thanks to everyone who made my bachelorette weekend so fun!


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