September Adventure, parts three and four

I decided to combine the next two exciting things that happened in September because a) one was really exciting, but really just for me and honestly there’s not too much to share about it and b) they both happened around the same time.  Is the suspense killing you?  Ok, ok, I’ll tell you what they were:

Part three: Brian came home!!! Yea!!!

See?  Told you not much to report on that front.  But, he’s back!  Woohoo!

Part four: Davidson Homecoming and Brian’s 5th year Reunion.  Although it’s scary to think he’s been out that long (and even scarier to think that now my 5th Reunion is next! Yikes!), it was great to see so many people back for it.  They had a great turn out and it was so fun to catch up with everyone.  Sadly, I don’t think there was as much documenting going on as there was drinking and chatting, but I promise not to be so remiss at mine next year!

After that whirlwind weekend, I was completely exhausted.  Thankfully I had a full three days to recover before my next adventure!


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