September Adventure, parts five and six

Did you think there were going to be SIX PARTS to my September adventure?!  I told you it was a crazy month.  Like the last two parts, I’m sticking these ones together because they happened one right after the other and one is pretty short and sweet.  They both happened on our trip up to Louisville to visit Brian’s family – we had TWO parties held in our honor (his parents’ friends are so thoughtful – and, thankfully, fun!).

The first party was a bridal shower thrown by one of Brian’s mom’s good friends.  Brian was such a good sport and came to the shower, even though he was the only male.  His mom’s friends were so impressed!  It was a great time and I really enjoyed getting to know Brian’s mom’s friends a little better.  Here are some pictures from the event:

The hostess has an amazing house and she had dinner (that she made for all of us! no catering here!) set up in her den/library/bar area.

This is Brian’s aunt, me, Brian’s mom, and Brian.  Don’t his mother and aunt look SO MUCH alike?

These desserts were amazing – the cookies were covered in white chocolate, not icing, which made for just about one of the most incredible cookies I’ve ever tasted.

Brian even helped open presents!  Brian’s mom’s friends are so generous, I still can’t get over it…

Later in the weekend we had another party, but this time it was co-ed – a Stock the Bar party!  Several of Brian’s high school friends came, which was great (even if they did grill me – nicely – to make sure I was worthy!).  Here are some pictures from that party:

I just noticed that Brian’s mom captured her friend taking a picture of us (in the lower lefthand corner)!

One of the hosts made a signature drink for the event – they were very tasty…

One of the “kids” tables.

The other “kids” table.

The “adults” table.

Opening presents – I am apparently super excited about this one!

After all the food and presents, we played beer pong in the basement!  I was (for the first time ever in my life) a totally dominant player.   We went undefeated for three rounds (and I hit the final cup a few times!).  I’m confident this will never happen to me again.  Ever.  But it was pretty amazing.  (BTW, this is not Brian, if you’re confused – I played with one of his high school friends and we beat Brian in overtime.  It was awesome.)

I’m telling you, September was jaaaaaam packed.


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