Engagement Shoot

Oh my wonderful!  I just viewed the photos from our engagement shoot last month and boy do I love them.  Angela Stott, our very talented photographer, did an amazing job – she found funky, interesting places to shoot and was able to capture such great shots of us.  I have to admit that on our drive home from the shoot Brian and I worried that our pictures might not turn out, not due to any fault of Angela’s, but because Brian and I just felt so silly most of the time – would our awkwardness come through in the pictures?! 

Well, we spent the two hours home from Asheville worrying about nothing.  Check these puppies out (all courtesy of Angela Stott):


Angela Stott Pic 2


Angela Stott Pic 2


What do you guys think?  Are you planning to do an engagement shoot?  I am SO happy that we did.  The main reason is that I will not worry for one second that our wedding pictures might be anything less than amazing, even if we feel silly staring at each other or holding hands in a cornfield or all dressed up…

And just for laughs… three funny ones (one when chambers escaped and started running for Angela, one where I’m laughing and Brian is giving me “that” look, and one when Chambers got jealous that Brian and I were kissing and not paying attention to him, so he tried to join in…):






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2 responses to “Engagement Shoot

  1. peanutbutterfingers

    these pics are so adorable! you guys are such a cute little family!

  2. molly

    OH my goodness- these pictures are amazing Natalie! My absolute favorite is the one where you are holding a balloon (the non-Chambers kissing one)! Your photographer did a great job!

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