Home Sweet Home

I’m back from my three week hiatus from my real life and I am intrigued to discover that despite my near-perfect wedding and blissful honeymoon, I am super happy to be home.

I missed my bed like you wouldn’t believe.

I missed Chambers tackling me when I come home for lunch.

I missed talking to my parents whenever I want to (I called my dad today to just ask him one question.  It was great.).

I missed all the office chatter (and being around girls, who actually want to hear me go on and on about my attempts to make chocolate chip cookies).

I missed sipping coffee while watching GMA in the morning.

I missed working out (I know.  I’m truly shocked about this one.).

I missed my enormous, really unattractive sweatpants.

I missed my cookbooks and using my kitchen.

I missed So You Think You Can Dance.

But the best part about missing all this is that I never once missed Brian because he was there with me at the near-perfect wedding, he was there for our blissful honeymoon, and he’s here with me now.

Sitting next to me typing on his own computer… it’s good to be home.


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