Thanksgiving with my *NEW* in-laws!

While I’m waiting to get the professional pictures from the wedding, I thought I’d tell you a little about my first Thanksgiving as a Mrs.

First of all, it was the last part of my almost month-long vacation (which started with the wedding) and Brian and I spent it in his hometown with my new in-laws! While this was not my first Thanksgiving with his family, it was my first as an “official” member of the family.   Happily, it was just as wonderful as it has been in past years, with some fun little newlywed-related things sprinkled in…

His mom kept asking people if they’d met “her daughter” (i.e. me)
(This picture is of me and my then future mother-in-law right before it became official!)

It was the first time I was introduced to someone as Brian’s wife
(This is right after we were pronounced “husband and wife” – Brian’s parents are in the foreground with their backs to the camera.)

We played Trivial Pursuit for nearly 5 hours, which was full of (mostly) lighthearted teasing, silly guesses, and Brian’s brother kicking our butts.  It was great – like I was part of their family all along…
(Image is from

Even though I’ve known Brian’s family for quite a while now, it was wonderful to spend the holiday with them and know that this is now my family, too.  Something to really be thankful for…

How did you guys spend your Thanksgiving?  I hope you had a good one!


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