Christmas Stockings

Now that Brian, Chambers, and I are officially a little family and since we do have an actual mantle in our home, I’ve been thinking about Christmas stockings.  My great-grandmother knitted the one I used growing up (along with ones for each of my parents), so there is something in me that really wants to make stockings for us.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been sitting in my bed for the better part of two days sick, but it just sounds downright fun!

I found a free pattern for knitted socks here and here, though I’d have to adapt them both (one to be Christmas-colored and one to be much, much bigger), but in the end I would have something similar in structure to what Bombie made.  The beauty of these babies is that they stretch and can fit anything pretty much – books, notepads, pencils (or any other cool things that Staples offers).

{from Little Cotton Rabbits}

However, hers had our names and birthdates along with various Christmas-y things on it… so mine might be a huge let down once I’m finished and instead of hanging them, I’ll just end up wearing them… which I guess wouldn’t be all that bad… The other teesny problem here is that while Bombie did teach me how to knit and crochet, I haven’t done it in about 15 years.  Hmm.  Like riding a bicycle?

The other option, which I saw recently on the fabulous Apartment Therapy blog, is to make a stocking out of an old sweater:

These patterns are, not surprisingly, from a very talented Etsy artist and I think they are so unique and sweet – and green!  Plus, I could definitely make one with my basic sewing skills and an old red sweater I just stuffed in the goodwill bag.  I might just have to give this a try…


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