Crafty Christmas – Part 2

Since my earlier post got a little unwieldy with all my crafty Christmas gift ideas, I’m sharing the non-edible part with you now!


Mulling Spices + Wine

Last year, my parents went with Brian and I on a tour of three of NC’s wineries.  It was late fall and one of the places we stopped at had mulled wine to taste along with their other offerings.  We all really enjoyed it and this would be a fun gift to give along with a bottle of red wine or a jug of apple cider.


I know this picture doesn’t really show anything special or out of the ordinary about candles, but it’s from the genius blog that shows you how to use a crockpot (!) to make candles at home!  We were thinking of using this recipe, but instead of just clear glasses, go to our local antique mall and see if we can’t find some cooler containers (we’re thinking tea pots or aged silver cups or something).   You can add scents and colors to the candles, as well, to personalize the gift.

Cocoa in a Jar

I love this idea, plus it is its own cute packaging!  You could add a little fabric to the top (a la our wedding favors) to give it a softer feel…

Argyle Fleece Throw

While I’m not crazy about the goldenrod color, I think this would be such a fun gift.  It requires some basic sewing skills, which I do actually have since teaching me was the only way my mom could get me to stop talking while she was sewing when I was little.  And, unlike most quilts, it’s not overly complex or time-consuming.

Any other crafty Christmas ideas out there?  I’m excited to see how my projects turn out!


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