Our House, Our Home

Now that the wedding is behind us, we can spend our time focusing on furnishing and decorating our house and making it feel more like our home!  The only things we’ve purchased for the house since we bought it nearly a year ago are rugs for the living room and dining room, a mattress/box spring for the master bedroom (we upgraded to a king from the queen, which is now our guest room bed), and stools for the kitchen.

(The rug we purchased to protect our hardwoods from puppy antics and to add some life to the otherwise beige/gray room)

(We got these stools at Lowe’s for a steal and are happy with their look, but they aren’t the sturdiest)

Don’t worry, the rest of the house isn’t completely empty – it has pieces collected over four years of living in apartments post college, including the couch in the picture above along with a matching chair and ottoman, which lives in our third floor room:

(The desk and chair are also items we’ve collected over time – Brian actually repainted the desk from its former dingy butter color to a sleek black)

We also have a cute, but pretty rickety dining room table that I purchased at a local antique mall for about $45 and Target chairs that were desk chairs in a previous apartment:

(The rug in here is from Home Depot and is nice and neutral – and incredibly reasonably priced! – which was what we were looking for since we didn’t know what we’d end up with as far as dining decor)

We do have some bedroom furniture that will eventually all be in the guest room:

(We also have an all white dresser and bookshelf that will be part of the guest room eventually)

There are a few other odds and ends, but that is mostly what we’re starting with.  Not totally empty (thankfully!), but not enough to really enjoy our house to its fullest potential just yet…

Up next: our plan of attack and some initial ideas!


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