Ok, ok, I know I said we were focusing on the living and dining rooms first, but I just couldn’t resist posting about headboards since I saw this post on Apartment Therapy.  AND all of these headboards are either partially or fully DIY, which means we (hypothetically) wouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to add one to our home!

This one is mostly not DIY, but the pieces are from IKEA, land of the beyond reasonably priced:

It is made up of three of the Mandal headboards stacked on top of each other, which, on their own, look like this:

Cool, right?  I like that the shelves are movable, too – they can be useful and decorative!

Here’s another, slightly more DIY one that is made from a salvaged mantle piece:

Different, no?  My worries about this one are 1) I (or more likely Brian) would knock my (his) head on this every morning, and 2) I can’t find anything to put above my real mantle…

Here are some mirrored ones, that would be cool if you found the right mirror (and one that was big enough!):

(I think this mirror is cool – and less scary in the event of a crack! – but boy is there a lot going on in that room…)

I like the idea of mirrored headboards in theory – think about all the light they would bring in! – but in my actual bedroom?  Talk about bad luck if that puppy broke…

These two are truly DIY headboards – made of two sanded and stained doors (found here and here).  I think what I like most about these is that there is a real possibility we could do this – the antique mall down the street has a whole booth dedicated to old doors!

And along these lines, here is a headboard made of old shutters, which is a cool idea, even if it is a little too shabby chic for my taste (and looks a little like it might have paint (lead-based?!) chipping off and falling on you in the night…):

And last, but not least, is this very DIY headboard – I think this pretty cool, though I am not daring enough to do it in an electric blue:

What do you think?  Probably should focus on sofas and dining tables for now, right?


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