A Year in Pictures

I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions, mostly because (like this year) I don’t really start to think about it until I’m too distracted with all the pre-holiday hoopla.  I thought this would be another year of no resolutions, but then I stumbled across Kasey’s blog and her 2009 resolution to take at least one picture every day.

As a new-ish blogger, I’ve found that the hardest piece of the blogging puzzle is remembering to document what I’m doing so I can blog about it later.  I find myself putting the finishing touches on Cool Thing X when I think “I should really blog about this – people would think this was SO COOL.”  Whoops.  Didn’t take any pictures of how in the world I did Cool Thing X.  Grr.

So, when I heard of Kasey’s great undertaking, I decided that this was just they ticket to being a more diligent blogger.  If I have my camera with me at all times so I can document my year, I can surely remember to document as I create things.  Plus, I’ll have a whole year’s worth of photographs to remember 2010.

Now, where is my camera cord again?



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2 responses to “A Year in Pictures

  1. I’m so glad that you were inspired by it! It makes blogging easier too… you always have photos on file to pull from for posts :).

  2. Lizz

    i love love this idea!

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