Honeymoon Pictures

I’ve finally gotten my act together and uploaded our honeymoon pictures – I know, really behind… You may remember that my MOH’s amazing family let us stay at their beautiful home in Huatulco, Mexico.  We had a perfect honeymoon and looking at the pictures made me a little heartsick (especially with this arctic weather we’re having!).

Here are some of my favorites (in no particular order):

Sunset from the water on our boat ride with Tico

Getting in some morning reading

The view from the back lawn of the amazing house

Brian trying (unsuccessfully) to get the sand out of his shoes

The gym/basketball court in Pluma de Hidalgo - let's hope no one misses!

The view from a deserted beach we walked to from the house

Making breakfast

The view from the mountain town of Pluma de Hidalgo

Brian (sort of) caught a fish!

The view from the house's pool

A beach we hiked through the jungle to get to - totally worth it

We went to the town market to get fresh produce

Doesn't get more perfect that this...

Ok, so there were a lot of favorites, but it’s hard to narrow it down when there are so many amazing places/experiences I want to relive!  Pretty fantastic, huh?


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