TV Fantasy

Brian and I have been talking about *one day* getting a new TV for our living room.  As you can imagine, with everything else we need for the house, it’s pretty far down our list… but if we had the money (well, no one even knows how much this will cost), wouldn’t this be pretty amazing?

LG’s Infinia LE9500 Is a 3D-Ready LED TV With Picture-Frame Depth – Infinia – Gizmodo.

{source: Gizmodo via Apartment Therapy}



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4 responses to “TV Fantasy

  1. JHo

    It’s a good rule of thumb to remember that anyone, anywhere, who has shopped for a flat screen television has always walked out of the store with a television one size larger than he anticipated buying when he first walked in.


  2. amy J

    This TV is like the infinity pool on your moneymoon! expansive and expensive!

  3. I saw a 72″ TV at costco the other day. the only thing I could think was wow, who has a wall/livingroom big enough for that not to look so huge?

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