Christmas Crafting – Candles

After reading about them in Real Simple and Bonzai Aphrodite, Brian and I decided that we would make candles for his grandmothers.  Our plan was to take Real Simple’s advice and find interesting containers for the candles and then follow Sayward’s easy peasy instructions to actually make them.

We went to our local antique store to find containers and ended up with a silver cup with a beautiful etching on the side and a small silver cream pitcher.  Then we stopped by our local Michael’s to buy the candle pieces (wax, essential oil, and wicks).

We were unable to find an amount of wax or essential oil that would work for us.  You can only buy A LOT and we didn’t know how this was going to turn out… if we ended up being candle-making losers, we didn’t want to be stuck with a lifetime supply of stuff to make candles.  So, we went semi-homemade and bought white candles that had a scent we liked (i.e. not vanilla, which is harder to find than you may think!).  We’d just shave pieces of wax off and put them in the containers like we would with official candle-making wax.

Once we had our containers filled with yet-to-be-melted max, we put them in our slowcooker, just like Sayward told us to.  Glitch number 2: we couldn’t put the lid on because the little pitcher was too tall.  Hmm.  Well, the next best thing would have to be a big pot with a lid, right?  We guessed so.  So, we put them in a big pot and covered ’em up – in just a little while, voila!, melted wax.

We had to keep adding hard wax to fill up our containers, but in the end we got what we were supposed to.  We added the wicks and let them harden.

Cute, right?  We thought so.  Now we may actually go buy wax and essential oil (perhaps dye, too!) to really make candles from scratch.


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