Spaghetti Squash as pasta?

Like most people, I enjoy pasta every now and then.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t run ten miles every day, I would probably enjoy it more often.  Then I saw a recipe for Mexi Squash on Sprouted Kitchen, a food blog that focuses on using seasonal, local ingredient to make very tasty, mostly vegetarian, recipes.

{from Sprouted Kitchen}

Doesn’t this look just like spaghetti?  Maybe I’m super behind, or maybe you’re thinking “duh, Natalie, it’s called spaghetti squash”, but I just never thought anything but pasta could be like pasta… Even though this recipe uses Mexican flavors, it got me thinking that you could use other seasonings and perhaps make a more traditional pasta dish with this poser veggie.

Then last week, Apartment Therapy’s Kitchn posted just about this – along with several tasty sounding recipes, including ones with Sage and Ricotta and Tomato Sauce and other ingredients typically combined with pasta.

{from Kitchn}

What do you think?  Have you ever tried using spaghetti squash as pasta?  Any chance I could trick Brian into liking this? {He allegedly hates all forms of squash…}



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4 responses to “Spaghetti Squash as pasta?

  1. David

    I’ve had it, and it’s not bad. For best results, though, you should make it with a good tomato sauce so that the difference in flavor is less overwhelming. I’m sure that if I was more aware that it was squash and could get more of the squash taste, it would have bothered me a lot more.

  2. I found your blog through EAD and have read it for a bit – but this is my first comment!

    My husband does a low carb diet and we regularly use spaghetti squash as “pasta” – I find it works really well in spaghetti carbonara ( He really likes the taste and while it doesn’t taste just like spaghetti it absorbs the flavors well. You should try it!

    • NatalieBA

      I’m SO happy to hear a positive review – I will definitely give it a try! And the recipe you included sounds yuuuuummy. Thanks for commenting!

      • molly t

        Hi Natalie,

        I LOVE spaghetti squash! I eat it like spaghetti with tomato sauce & parmesan cheese or I have it as a yummy side dish w/a little brown sugar & butter. It’s a guilt-free way of eating spaghetti w/o all the carbs!

        p.s. I LOVE this blog of yours!

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