Butterfly Chairs

I have to admit it, I have a butterfly chair that my parents gave me in high school and, if I didn’t have to fight my puppy, it would be my seat of choice.   There is something about it… it’s a mini upright hammock and if you sit in it just right your feet can dangle just a little bit.  Plus you can lean your head back and close your eyes and just doze off… Sadly, Chambers has taken custody of my lovely butterfly chair, so I don’t get to sit in it as much as I’d like (he’s just too cute to disturb).

Hogging the butterfly chair

I recently saw a post on Elements of Style devoted to the dorm room staple as it is used in more grown up spaces:

{Elle Decor}

{Canadian House and Home}

Brian and I have actually been working on our backyard… perhaps we could incorporate something like this:

{The Parker Hotel, Palm Springs}

I wonder if those are made with outdoor fabric?

So, what do you think? Totally doable or a little odd in a “grown up” house?

{all pictures via Elements of Style}


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  1. The chairs in the Elle Decor shot have vinyl weave covers; the Parker’s are canvas. They are both from us… Circa50.com!

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