Your bridesmaids are the girls that keep you sane.  Wait. It’s not just keeping you sane, but keeping you happy and keeping you focused on you.  They help you remember that your wedding is about you and your love and your life – not ultimately about the welcome baskets or the cake plates or the weather or any people that happen to drive you crazy… They are your saviors.

With them doing all this for you, you want to be nice to them… I never understood the bride who stuck their girls in hideous get ups to make sure she really shone.  That’s just cruel, no?  I wanted my ladies to look good and be comfortable and have fun.  Oh, and be able to wear their dress again.  Tall order… Here are each of my darling bridesmaids sporting their wedding day duds.

MerLo, my Maid of Honor





I really loved their look – what do you think?

{all photos by the amazing Angela Stott}

Details about their outfits:

Dresses: Magnolia by Simple Silhouettes in Navy (sash in Navy, too)
Necklaces: Anthropology
Shoes: Unforgettable Moments (Lela Rose for Payless) in Cashmere (they got to pick their own style)


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