The Calm before the Ceremony

First of all, apologies for the missed week – time just got away from me!  This week’s installment of Wedding Wednesday captures all the moments right before the ceremony.  I’ll give you the run down as I share the beautiful photographs…

A pre-wedding shot of the ceremony location

One of Angela’s assistants took pictures of our guests as they waited for our arrival – it is so fun to have these pictures and something I wouldn’t have thought to ask for… Look how excited and happy everyone looks!

Their son walked our "son" down the aisle

The men who are married (or soon to be married!) to these beautiful women were in our wedding party

The talented (and patient!) Nikki, of Minced, and her husband, North

The groomsmen and our amazing officiant, Sue Kennedy, waited in the lower level of the lodge for the ceremony to begin.

Pretty snazzy, huh?

Then the boys walked out and waited for the girls to show up.

The procession began with the beautiful mothers and their dapper escorts.

The Mother of the Bride

The Mother of the Bride

The Mother of the Groom

As you may recall, the Generals sang during the procession.

The bridesmaids and ring dog were next down the aisle.

All the while, my dad and I waited (and I tried to not jump out of my skin) for our big walk…

Then I asked my dad to tell me jokes as we walked down the aisle so I wouldn’t let my emotions get the best of me.  We made it all the way down without one tear shed…

Next week: the ceremony!

{All photos by the fantabulous Angela Stott}



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2 responses to “The Calm before the Ceremony

  1. NatalieBA

    Chambers, our vizsla, is definitely “high energy” (read: psycho), but it was great having him there and I think I would have regretted not including him… plus we had a good friend of ours (and his!) walk him down the aisle, which certainly helped!

  2. peanutbutterfingers

    your dress is beyond gorgeous. i love lace & it looks stunning on you. i also have a vizsla & would love to have her in our wedding ceremony – but i think she might be a little to psycho. 😉

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