Hotel Bedrooms as Inspiration

So, I travel quite a bit for my job and I love staying in a glammed up hotel room, but I rarely see things that I would actually bring back to my own home.  Example:  I stayed at the totally chic Hotel ZaZa in Houston, which was one of the coolest hotels I’ve ever stayed in (and we found it on for a steal!).

Room at Houston's Hotel ZaZa

It was a ridiculous room (I had a balcony the size of my backyard!), but I don’t think I could sleep every night in a black leather bed… I get it though, people want to escape and be in another world when they stay at a swanky hotel.  It makes sense and I do enjoy it when I travel… I mean, who wouldn’t rather stay at the ZaZa over the Holiday Inn when you find them for the same price on  But I just don’t know that I would ever take any of it back to my own little house.

But! When I saw this post by Apartment Therapy, it made me think again about hotel rooms inspiring my own dreams of our master bedroom.  Aren’t these pictures so serene looking…

I think something I’m going to start doing on the blog is keeping track of some of the amazing places I have seen (either first hand or when I go traveling online) that inspire me.  I keep feeling like I need a place to keep them stashed so I know what I like when I can actually design my bedroom – you know, when I finish designing my dining room, living room, backyard…


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