Why I heart the South

I was driving around town yesterday when I pulled up next to a huge pickup truck.

{From the Dodge website}

It was exactly like the one above, except it had an advertisement for… wait for it… a SALON on it.  Now, when I think of a salon, I think of one of those places where women go to get their hair and nails done and gossip with girlfriends.  Don’t you?

{from the film Legally Blonde}

Then, as the truck passed me, I glanced at it’s license plate:  “Hair Man” – amazing, right?

Only in the south would a man doing hair for a living advertise this on a massive Dodge Ram.  All southern men, no matter their occupation, lifestyle, or automotive needs want to own a pickup truck – they may not all admit to it, but deep down, they know it’s true.


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