Cool Notebook Find

Now, I know most of you probably read that title and thought “notebook?  cool?  doubtful.”  And I could understand that – I do have a slightly unhinged attachment to all things sold at Staples (the “buy your school supplies” day right before the school started each year was like Christmas in August for me! In fact, I completely identify with dad in this commercial), but this really is cool – especially for those of us who look like Quasimodo when intensely writing (I was once in a client meeting back in my i-banking days when one of the partners looked at me and asked if being in a contorted position was the only way I could take notes… thanks for that).

{Notebook from here via swissmiss}

What do you think?  Did you have a moment of “ooo, that would be really nice” or was it more like “wow, Natalie has really gone off the deep end this time…”?



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5 responses to “Cool Notebook Find

  1. NatalieBA

    Thanks for all the supportive comments – it’s nice to know I’m not the only school supply nerd out there (and that it may, in fact, be genetic!). Good news all around.

  2. Rachel

    The title of this post made me sort of giddy – I feel the same way about school supplies! (And sit in contorted positions to take notes, too…)

  3. Dad

    Except that, you will recall, Staples was *your* favorite store as a child. The lists were endless (and we still have some of them!!). It is obviously genetic since, admittedly, I have a particularly fond spot in my heart for the pen and deskware sections – the truth be told.


  4. nikkigreer

    What a fabulous find! I especially love the way both sides of the pad go in the same diagonal line…way cool!

  5. Siena

    I would love that! But there has to be one tilted the other way for us lefties!

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