Wedding Wednesday – Reception Details

After the ceremony and impromptu receiving line, everyone headed to High Hampton’s pavilion for the cocktail hour and reception.  Our cocktail hour consisted of – wait for it – cocktails and more singing from the too-cute-for-words Generals.  While all this was going on, Angela snuck into our reception site and captured some of the amazing decor, which was done by the extremely talented Stacey of The Bloom Room (see here for my pre-wedding write up).

In planning how we wanted the reception to look, I knew I didn’t want round tables because of the way the pavilion was laid out.  I don’t really know why, but I just don’t like the look of a rectangular room full of rounds… I was actually at my best friend’s wedding this past weekend and she had rounds and it totally worked because they were spread out in this large multi-level outdoor space and the rounds blended in better than squares or rectangles would have… Anyway, I didn’t want rounds and Stacey came up with a fabulous table design that included a very large head table (I think it was three 8′ rectangular tables long and two wide!).  I loved the final look of the room.

So I must mention that my amazing and patient mother made all the table runners for the reception – each and everyone – to fit the various sized tables we had.  She picked out the fabric (they are all navy, but have different, subtle designs) and sewed them all by hand.  Now I have them and can use them in our home each day as a reminder of my lovely mother and the day I married Brian… HOw great, right?

The other thing I new I didn’t want was large centerpieces – I wanted people to be able to talk to each other and see each other!  Stacey put together the most perfect tablescapes I’ve ever seen…

They included lots of white flowers, berries, and even some veggies – so cool right!  Do you see the little artichoke in the above picture?!  Amazing…

I also wanted lots of soft lighting, which Stacey achieved with tons of candles in different types of holders.

Stacey also used lots of different types of jars and vases to hold the flowers, which made the tablescapes so eclectic and fun.

Another veggie flower – so cute, right?!  The last piece of the tables was actually homemade – part of my bridesmaid sweatshop: the table numbers.  The weeks before my wedding, I asked my very talented local bridesmaids help me with these and my MOH is one step away from Monet status – she painted ALL of these.  They were little books that we put out with pens and people wrote little notes in throughout the evening.

What do you guys think of the reception design?  I feel so lucky to have worked with Stacey on this – she really was amazing and executed exactly what I wanted in my heart of hearts.  Thank you, Stacey!!

{All photos by the stupendous Angela Stott}



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2 responses to “Wedding Wednesday – Reception Details

  1. Caroline

    Stacey was a dream to work with!

  2. peanutbutterfingers

    once again i love this! seriously your wedding must have been a dream! 🙂

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