DIY Daybeds

Brian and I are still a little stumped about what to do with our third bedroom, which is on the top floor of our house all by its lonesome.  It is pretty long and skinny with one slanty wall.  There are some pics here for your reference.

One of the ideas we’ve been tossing around is making it a study-slash-second-guestroom.  Brian has some grand plans for making a desk with the new old tools we inherited from my parents (he can hardly contain his excitement about the circular saw – thanks, dad!).  And I was thinking of incorporating a daybed so the room could also be another loungy area.

When I saw this post on Apartment Therapy, it got me thinking that a daybed may be closer than I thought…

Both of these are totally DIY and you can obviously choose your own bedding – they have such different looks, but both are interesting.  What do you think?

{sources: here and here}


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  1. Lizz

    if you ever want to get rid of that white chair…you just let me know! love that second daybed

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