Fancy-ing Up Our Dining Room Chairs

Brian and I (finally) bought a dining room table and its chairs came with neutral, but bland, ivory seats.

So, Brian and I went to our local Calico Corners to look for fabrics we liked better.  Brian actually picked out the one we ended up going with and I sewed covers.  You may think that this is a little excessive (why not just staple the fabric to the seats?), but the chairs came with these ivory covers that came off and I thought it would be nice to be able to take off the covers, if needed (for cleaning or replacing, etc.).

First, I took the current covers off and marked the seams:

Then I used a seam ripper to… rip the seams apart (duh).

This is what the cover looked like with all the seams ripped – two of the corners had elastic on them to make it easier to slip on the chair.  I was planning to incorporate this into my final covers,  but found I didn’t need to (yea!).

Then I pinned the seamless cover to the “right side” of the new cover fabric:

Next up, cut out the fabric, making sure to leave enough room for seams.

Now that I’m looking at this again, I’m realizing that I only ripped the seams that made the cover “3D” if that makes any sense.  You can see in the above picture that I left some of the seams in tact – it was so I could use them as a measure to sew the seams on the new fabric.  To do this, I folded the extra fabric back and pinned it so it lined up with the original cover:

Next, take the original cover off the new fabric and sew the seams!  Woo!

Then, for the 3D parts (who knows why I’m calling it that, but just go with it, ok?), take a ruler and measure the corner seams of the original cover.  Then mark the seam out on the new fabric.

Here’s what it looks like all sewn up:

The you turn them right side out and double check with your cute puppy to see if he likes them.

Of course he does!

So we put them on the chairs:

What do you think?  They just feel so much more us than the boring ivory – nice to have a little personality in our dining room!



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2 responses to “Fancy-ing Up Our Dining Room Chairs

  1. These are so pretty! I love your dining room set — I’ve been searching for a new one! This is perfect, so classic.

  2. Jan Jessup

    Love the change in your dining room chairs! You were very thorough in documenting the process. Most dining chair slip seats will have stapled fabric covers unless they are more fully upholstered cushions. Stapled covers are easy to replace–just pay attention to the corners and work the fullness into lots of little pleats. For those who are interested, your fabric is HIP in Berry and it’s shown on the Calico Corners website at:

let me know what you think!

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