Wedding Wednesday – Toasts

After the cocktail hour, everyone went inside and ate the amazing meal that the chefs at High Hampton prepared (seriously, one of the best meals I’ve ever had!).  After dinner, my dad led off the toasts:

His toast was touching and sweet, as was that of my lovely Maid of Honor, Meredith:

See how we are so touched by their thoughtful and loving words?

But because it’s us, we couldn’t get married without someone poking a little fun… My grandfather started out telling a sweet story from my childhood about learning how to fish (it involves me thinking cleaning a fish required soap and water…), but ended with a zinger at my expense (having to do with a certain tattoo I have on my back…).  It was fabulous.

Brian’s brother and Best Man, Justin, had the guests all falling out of their chairs with his “letter from Brian” – don’t worry, I’ve asked Justin to send it along so I can share it with you…That will be in a future post.

The toasts were all amazing, even if there were some laughs at our expense – I think being able to laugh at yourself (and with your partner!) can only lead to a happier, more functional marriage!

Toasts were such a special part of our wedding celebration – who spoke at your wedding or who are you hoping will speak at yours??

{photos by the most wonderful Angela Stott}


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One response to “Wedding Wednesday – Toasts

  1. peanutbutterfingers

    can’t wait to read the best man’s speech!! sounds like it was a good one.

    i love all the photos, as always. you had such a beautiful wedding.

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