Heated Wonder

Oh my.  The product I am about to share with you is seriously the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a while.  Keep in mind, that statement was made by someone who purchased a vehicle mostly because it had heated seats (it’s true).  But, seriously, I am always cold and use my heated seats waaaaay more often than a normal person would (my friend Matt will attest that I used to turn up the passenger’s heated seat in his car – he’s from Vermont, where heated seats are amazingly the norm – and poor, unsuspecting people would burn their tushies because I like to have a heated backside… mean, I know).

Aaaanyway… I discovered the ChiliPad recently and not only would I love this, but Brian, who is always super hot and hates that it has to  be over 80 degrees for me to agree to turn on the AC, would love the fact that this comes in a dual sided version – he can have a chili bed while I have a heated bed.  Woah.

Amazing, right?  They also have a mattress with the ChiliTechnology… that would really be fantabulous.

What do you think?  Do you share a bed with a person who constantly throws the covers onto you because they’re too hot?  Do you constantly steal the covers because you’re too cold?  This could be the answer to all the worlds sleeping/temperature related relationship issues.

{Don’t worry, ChiliPad didn’t pay me anything to say these wonderful things, I’m just obsessed with heating devices.}


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