Wedding Wednesday – Cake Cutting

So, I’m only sharing these pictures with you because they are hilariously awkward.  I mean, I’m glad we have them to remember that we got to eat an amazing mini chocolate and peanut butter cake (thank you Polka Dot Bakeshop!) on our wedding day and that Brian was nice enough not to smush it in my face… but seriously, does anyone look cute in these kinds of pictures?

Ok, that one’s not too bad – we’re smiling and happy about the cake that is to come…

But this one and the next one?  Lordy…

Oh, but wait… the next one takes the cake (haha) – kissing with cake in your mouth in front of all your loved ones.  Doesn’t get much better than that…

So awkward and wonderful… Right?

Do you think these are worth it for posterity’s sake?  I think so… They still make me giggle a little bit remembering how goofy we felt kissing with cake in our mouths…

{photos by the outstanding Angela Stott}


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