Wedding Wednesday – First Dance

I think I may have mentioned this when I told you guys about the Generals, but the closest thing Brian and I have to a song is Ben Harper’s Forever, which is beautiful, but just too darn slow for a first dance.

So, what did we end up dancing to during our first dance? Ray LaMontagne’s Hold You In My Arms.   Here’s a link to Ray singin’ it, if you aren’t familiar with it.

And why did we pick this song?  Because Brian liked to “sing” it to Chambers when he was a puppy and did not want to be held (usually because he was sleeping).  Brian would reach over and pick up the darling, sleeping puppy, and when Chambers would inevitably grumble, Brian would belt out “I wanna hold yooooou in my aaaaaarms!”

Kind of understandable, given how cute a sleeping puppy is… nearly impossible to resist the snuggle urge.  But somehow dancing to this song just felt right – like us – even if it did start out as Brian being goofy…

The best part of this whole tale is that when Brian’s brother asked me why we chose that song and I told him the story he said, “Only you know that about Brian… that is something I could never see him doing.”

And now we all know that about Brian… bet he’s super happy about that!  Sorry, dude…

Any special first dance stories out there?  How did you (or will you!) pick your first dance song?  Was/Is there an obvious one out there or did you stumble upon one like I did?

{All wedding pictures by Angela Stott, sleeping puppy picture by me}


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