Oh, June…

So, it’s June and since Davidson’s fiscal year ends at the end of this month, my blogging will take a hit. I promise I will try to get some things up when I can, but I know I won’t be as on top of it as I usually am/try to be. Please don’t hold it against me!

But don’t worry, I wouldn’t leave you hanging without something fun to share…

As many of you know my Brian’s baseball career ended in late March and he came home (see his blog post about this here). Well, he is now gainfully employed again and based HERE so I can see him EVERY DAY. Yea! The only sad part about this is that he is putting an end to his blogging career (see more about that here)… maybe I can talk him into a few guest posts.  What do you think?

Here’s hoping I don’t stay gone for too long… xo


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One response to “Oh, June…

  1. Hello fellow EAD blogger. I’m happy to see you again! And I’m glad you and your hubby now get to spend every day together. I can totally relate to your excitement!

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