Happy (early) Father’s Day, Daddy

I saw this post on AT (I’m addicted, I know) recently and it reminded me of my dad, so, in honor of father’s day I thought I would not only share the post with you, but also share why it reminds me of him… The post is about making lunchboxes more exciting by making a child’s sandwiches into puzzles, like this:

Well, my dad is waaaay ahead of you AT.  When I was in elementary school, my mom traveled a lot for work, so my dad had a lot of what we called “Dr. Mom” duties (after the classic 1983 movie Mr. Mom, though my dad felt he worked hard enough at this to earn a higher degree, thus the PhD in motherhood).

{me and my daddy circa 1983}

One of these included making my lunch, which he probably would have done even if my mom wasn’t traveling because he knew that little kids didn’t want a lunch full of carrot sticks, coffee yogurt and grapenuts (what my mom would have undoubtedly included – she is a healthnut and obsessed with grapenuts).

{me and my mom, the healthnut}

So, my dad would faithfully make my lunch every morning and to make it interesting (and so I would know that he spent a little extra time preparing something special *just for me*), he would cut my sandwiches up into all sorts of fun shapes.  Sometimes I would get a simple “N” and sometimes it would be as intricate as a sailboat (impressive, I know).  And everyday my friends and I would eagerly await the lunchtime bell so we could rush to see what my dad had sculpted my sandwich into that day.  And they would all say that they wished their sandwiches were special, like mine.  And I would beam, because I knew that I had the best dad in the whole world.  Thanks, daddy.

Do you have any fun daddy stories to share this Father’s Day weekend?


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