I won something! No, really, I did!

I seriously never win anything.  I’m no good at sports, so I was always picked last and sat on the bench (or in the grass in the outfield making daisy chains).  Brian has gotten in on our Catan game, so now I have no chance.  I did win an award in High School, and by some odd twist of fate is was a gym-related award, but it was the “community service” award, which is given to the student who is most involved behind the scenes (read: I tallied volleyball digs to get out of gym class, super award-worthy, I know).

So, boy was I surprised when Katie at goodLife {eats} emailed me (and tweeted me) to let me know I had won the GRAND PRIZE on one of her amazing giveaways!  Who? ME?! Are you SERIOUS?! (This conversation happened after her umpteenth attempt at contacting me, even Gmail thinks me winning something is clearly spam…)

So wanna see what I won?!  It’s super cool:

A two month membership to the amazing California Wine Club (with two bottles each month!)

A nifty Soiree aerator (I actually already have one of these, so one of my lucky acquaintances will likely be getting this as a fun gift!).

{Image from Amazon, link below}

And this super fun book that tells you What to Drink With What You Eat.

Thanks, Katie, for the great giveaway!

Have you ever won anything THIS COOL?

{images are all from my personal collection, except where noted}


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One response to “I won something! No, really, I did!

  1. CFD

    You won my heart LONG ago…

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