Birthday joy

So, my birthday is tomorrow and I’m pretty excited about it.

Mostly because I just love birthdays in general (anyone’s birthday, not just mine), but this one is even more special because it’s the first one I’ve ever spent with Brian.  You see, Brian and I started dating in college and with my birthday being during summer break, we were never together.  Then he played baseball for a while, and that kept him away in the summers, too.  But now he’s home and I get to spend tomorrow with him!

I feel *a little* bad for him because of both of the aforementioned things… they have really led me to become irrationally excited about this particular birthday.  It’s a lot to live up to…  But, I hope he knows that it will be pretty special just having him here, so he shouldn’t be too worried (even though I’ve been telling him all about my high expectations for… oh… the last two months… I’m mean, I know).

Anyway, just wanted to share that and also share the picture of the beautiful flowers my parents sent me today:

Just another thing Brian has to live up to… just kidding! (kinda) (I promise I’m not really that mean)

P.S. – Yes, the above “happy birthday dog” is Chambers.  It was taken by the people at his amazing day care place (Puptown Charlotte, for those in the Charlotte area) on July 20, his second birthday.


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  1. LOVE this picture. he’s such a cutie pie.

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