Travel Bug: Chicago

I am traveling to Chicago for work soon and am hoping to be able to squeeze in some me time while I’m there.  My schedule is already pretty packed with work-related meetings, but here are some fun things I’d like to try, if time permits:

1. Architectural Boat Tour – this has been recommended to me several times, though I’ve never had enough time to actually do it.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I might on this trip.  Bonus: my hotel is right near the launching point.

2. Restaurants – there are so many amazing restaurants in Chicago, I don’t even know where to start!  These are some I’m planning to visit for some of my work appointments, but would love recommendations of others I should try if I find myself alone at mealtime.

  • Macello – listed in Chicago Mag’s Best Pizza issue… sign me up!
  • Twin Anchors – One of the oldest restaurants in Chicago (opened in 1881) and an old Frank Sinatra haunt.  Sounds pretty neato to me!
  • theWit – This is actually my hotel for my stay (thank you, again, and apparently has a pretty swank bar on the roof.  A fun beverage enjoyed while taking in the Chicago skyline? Yes, please.

3. The new Modern Art wing at the Art Institute – I’ve been to the Art Institute before and it’s definitely worthwhile.  A friend told me that the new wing just opened last year and is “pretty incredible, and I don’t even like Modern Art!”

I’ve been to Millennium Park before and it’s very fun to walk around, so I will probably do that again.

And, if I’m being honest, I know I’ll end up somewhere on the Magnificent Mile at some point… It’s hard to resist!

I’ve been keeping up with Tara‘s recommendations for Chicago, which could be fun if I feel like just wandering around and discovering a neighborhood.

Who knows if I’ll have time for any of this, but it’s fun to think about!

What would you do if you had a few days in the Windy City?

Located in an historic Old Town building that dates back to 1881, Twin Anchors Restaurant & Tavern® is one of the oldest restaurants in the city of Chicago.


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4 responses to “Travel Bug: Chicago

  1. NatalieBA

    Thanks for the great tips – sadly, I caught the plague (well, a really really bad cold) while I was there and was stuck in my hotel room when not working… so sad! I’m keeping a list for next time, though…

  2. Lauren

    The boat tour is a must if the weather is nice! Bring a sweater though as it is usually chilly on the water. We have been having great weather up here so far this month. I hope it keeps up for your trip!

  3. last time I was in Chicago we checked out the Bridge House Museum and thought it was really neat

  4. Molly

    Nathan and I had dinner at this place a few years ago when I was ion Chicago for work…
    The food was SO good and we had so much fun…. I guess it isn’t the best place to go by yourself or with a colleague but perhaps with a friend you might know in the city? Have fun!

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