Design Ideas: Accent Wall

It only took us a year and a half, but Brian and I did it: we painted something in our house.  Yes, it’s only one wall and yes, no one sees it but us, but still, baby steps.

If you need a reminder of what our bedroom looked like when we first moved in, check out my house tour here.  Since then, we changed out the queen bed set I got when I graduated for a king-sized bed, which is a much better fit for our master bedroom (a sizable 15 feet x 16 feet).  We don’t have a headboard for it yet, but here is a close-up of the duvet cover we picked up (from Pottery Barn):

The “pearls” are an olive green color (though I believe Pottery Barn calls them candy apple for some reason).  This is pretty much the only color we have in the room, so we decided on a navy accent wall to add some fun without being overwhelming. We started by moving the furniture from that wall and taping around the windows and molding. (yes, I did force Brian to watch Step Up while we painted)

Then we laid out a tarp to protect the carpet (super exciting, I know).

We did what you are totally not supposed to do and just picked out and bought a quart of navy paint from Lowe’s and got started (I know this is causing my friend Maria to break out in hives right now – she meticulously chooses her paint samples, paints a swatch on the wall, lives with it for a while, then buys paint.  Oh, and she only buys shades of taupe. I’m sorry, Maria).

Then we ran out of paint.  ugh. So, we went back to Lowe’s to get some more and finish up the wall.

Here are some other shots of the finished wall before we moved the furniture:

In the above photo, you can see the contrast between the newly painted wall and the surprisingly pleasant builder’s beige walls in the rest of the room.

The next day, we decided to move the bed against the wall with the windows and also move my dresser.  Here’s the new layout of the room:

So, what do you think of the fancy new wall?  We really like it… And because of the placement of the windows, we almost don’t need a headboard.  We’re planning to one day get new furniture (nightstands and dressers for me AND Brian – he currently has all his clothes stuffed in random places in our closet) and then we’ll move the white dresser to the guest room (where my old queen bed set is).  We have all white bedding, with the green accents, that we love and we’re hoping to find/make some fun accent pillows that complement the navy and the green. And we certainly need accessories and art…

Any suggestions out there for the items we need?  What about other design ideas for our room?

{all pics by me}


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