Travel Bug: Wine Country

Brian and I traveled to California’s wine country for a friend’s wedding and decided that we definitely did not spend nearly enough time there.

Unfortunately, we only had a quick weekend there, but fortunately we had a friend who knew her way around (thanks, Merin!) and introduced us to some great vineyards.

First, we went to the Seghesio Family vineyard, which is famous for their Zinfandels…and their gorgeous labels (I’m a total sucker for labels, and totally pick wines based on them, which I know is not what you’re supposed to do).

Both Brian and I loved everything we tried there, and Brian really isn’t a wine fan (yet!).

Then our group went to Francis Ford Coppola‘s winery for lunch (and a tasting, of course!).  Lunch was amazing – they set us up with a great spot right in the middle of the restaurant, Rustic.

Rustic has all of the Coppola family’s favorite dishes and we tried several – the pizzas were amazing!  They also had a great wine selection, of course.

After lunch, we took a couple of pictures outside so we could take advantage of the amazing view.  Here’s one of the guys, who were stuck corralling twelve girls who spent all morning sampling wines…

Aren’t they good sports?  Even putting up with us forcing them to take a picture…

Then, on to the wine tasting, which was wonderful!  We got to sample several of their more famous wines and ogle Mr. Coppola’s Oscars…

There was also a vintage car just outside the tasting room, which we were, of course, impressed (and confused?) by.

The wedding took place at the beautiful Paradise Ridge Winery, which has stunning views from its outdoor patio.

Stunning, right? It was a beautiful day for a wedding and we had an amazing time. We just wish had more time to spend with our friends and more time to take in all that wine country has to offer.  Guess that just means we’ll have to plan another trip out there sometime.  What should we be sure to do on our next trip?

{all images, except the last three, are by a friend of mine – her camera made me want a “legit” camera SO BAD}


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