Thanksgiving 2010

As I mentioned yesterday, Brian and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year.  That’s right, in just two weeks, my parents, Brian’s parents, and Brian’s brother are all eating a meal I will prepare in my kitchen and serve in my dining room.  This is terrifies me and elates me all at the same time.

I’m nervous because:

1) we only have four chairs
2) I’ve never made a turkey before and
3) there is a chance no matter what I make, I won’t live up to my own ridiculously high standards for a Thanksgiving meal.

However, the thing that is keeping me going is the fact that my whole family will be here and I’m pretty sure they’ll love me even if I totally mess up Thanksgiving (I mean, at least it’s not Christmas).

So, in preparation for the big day, I’m going to be testing recipes to decide which are going to make an appearance on my Thanksgiving table.  Thankfully, I have a rough idea of the menu I want:

Sweet Potatoes
Cranberry Sauce

Since hosting Thanksgiving is a pretty grown up thing to do, I think it totally makes sense for me to subject all of you , my dear readers, to the various recipes I attempt.  Though, just to warn you, I’m not planning to make a turkey before the big day (I like to live dangerously).

Hope you enjoy!




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10 responses to “Thanksgiving 2010

  1. Just rent some chairs – in fact you could even rent tables and linens and make the dinner a true event! I made my first turkey last year (for my in-laws and parents), and no matter what you do, BRINE the TURKEY! Brining recipes are all the same – water, salt, sugar – just find one online. The tricky part is having the right sized container in which to soak the turkey. Mine (I think it was 18 lbs.) happened to fit in the vegetable drawer of my fridge! But you can also use a big pot or tupperware container. Good luck!!!

    • NatalieBA

      I am SO glad to hear about brining the turkey – that is what I was planning to do, but I hadn’t ever heard of it before! I ended up getting those huge bags at Williams Sonoma to put the turkey and the brine in, so hopefully that will work (I don’t even want to think about what would happen if they didn’t – brine EVERYWHERE!).

  2. Siena

    Sounds like a good start to me 🙂 You are taking on quite a task here!

  3. I made a turkey for the first time last year with this recipe and it was easy and tasty too.

    • NatalieBA

      I heard Alton Brown’s recipe is a good one… I think this year I’m going to try out the Pioneer Woman’s, but there’s always next year! 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. You are going to be great! I am looking forward to reading about what you are planning to prepare as I am in the same boat! I have been looking at pioneer woman as well as Bon Appetit!

    • NatalieBA

      I definitely want to hear about your process, too – it’s nice to have a sort of partner in crime (that is SO the wrong saying for this situation, but I just can’t seem to think of the right one!).

  5. Lacey

    As info, I just cooked a meal for all of Matt’s family for his mom’s 60th birthday. If I can do it in her kitchen, you can in yours! But I tried a new fresh greens recipe from Ina Garten that was a huge hit- sugar snap peas, asparagus, green beans, and broccolini. Just a thought! Good luck and happy thanksgiving!

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