First Wedding Anniversary

Yep, Brian and I were married just over a year ago – where did the past year go?! A year ago, we were here:


For our first anniversary, we decided to go back to High Hampton.

One of the things we loved most about High Hampton is that it is a place we could go back to year after year, even bringing our (non-dog) kids one day.

We brought Chambers with us and he LOVED it there, even getting in the water despite the 30 degree temps.

High Hampton is such a peaceful place with lots to do (as long as you like hiking, eating great food, listening to talented guitarists, and snuggling up with a good book!).

We did lots of hiking, both at High Hampton and at a few nearby waterfalls.

Above is the view of High Hampton from Rock Mountain and below, a Chambers and I at the top (thankfully I don’t look as winded as I actually was!).

Brian and I went to nearby Rainbow Falls and, since it was on the other side of the mountain, it still had some beautiful fall foliage.

On our last day, we drove over to Silver Falls, which is a huge bank for your buck (super short hike and you can get right up close to the falls).

(yes Brian’s eyes are closed…)

And no trip to High Hampton would be complete without a visit to Fred and Ed.  Chambers remains unsure about donkeys.

And, of course, we ate a slice of our wedding cake and, I have to say, it was surprisingly good.  The frosting was still amazingly peanut butter-y.

Perhaps it was because it was so well wrapped…

Hope the past year has been as good to you as it has been to Brian and I! Thank you SO MUCH to Caroline and all the wonderful people at High Hampton for making our anniversary so special – you have such a unique gift for making a person (or couple, in this case) feel like part of your amazing family.  Brian and I look forward to many anniversaries spent at lovely High Hampton.

{all pictures by me}



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3 responses to “First Wedding Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary to you!

  2. Caroline

    LOVE LOVE LOVED seeing yall. You made my weekend!


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