Holiday Gift Ideas

Since it is the holidays and all, I thought I’d share some things I think are neato right now.  Some are pretty obvious (I mean, who doesn’t want an iPad?) and some are pretty me-specific (what, you don’t really really want a rolling computer bag?), but hopefully you’ll find a few that you think are pretty neato, too. Enjoy!

Brian doesn’t understand why I’m so obsessed with Apple’s iPad, but I think they’re super cool. I mean. Super usable. Practical, really.

Plus there are so many cute covers for them out there, like this one from Byrd & Belle:

Of course, having a great bag to carry your iPad around in would be nice, too.  I think Kate Spade has cornered the cute, yet professional bag market. Both of these would do the job quite well:

Did you know that Tartine Bakery, the maker of the tastiest bread ever made, came out with a cookbook? And it’s just about making bread?  This would be perfect for someone who loves to cook, but has yet to attempt bread.

I also think the River Cottage Meat Book would be a great gift for a chef who wants to grow their skill level and expand their repertoire. Or a man who just loves to look at raw meat {insert Tim “the Toolman” Taylor grunt here}.

Speaking of macho men, do you know someone who loves Top Gun, but you just can’t let them put a life-size poster of Tom Cruise up in their home? Perhaps this print from Moxy Creative House, nicely framed, would be a good solution:

I also really like their take on the Usual Suspects :

My mother in law has been looking for a new cutting board, and if Kentucky was a less awkward shape, I might think about getting her one of these state cutting boards from AHeirloom.

And I really believe that anyone would appreciate an amazing pair of slippers.  Maybe it’s just because my toes are a little chilly right now… For comfort + cuteness, I like these ballet slippers from Restoration Hardware.

For comfort + function, I like these ones from Minnetonka.

What are you craving for Christmas this year? What are you thinking about for your loved ones? I love hearing about fun new gift ideas, so please share!

{sources: posters, cutting boards}


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