New Phone = Less Grown Up

So, I got a new phone (a Droid Incredible) and have decided that it has decreased my grown-up-ness a lot. First of all, I had a blackberry before, which is the most grown-up phone out there (it is made for work, a super grown-up thing). Second of all, I am totally obsessed with tinkering with it and thus totally ignore everything around me when I’m in the mere vicinity of my phone. Much like I did when I got my Barbie dream home at age 7. It’s awesome.

But my husband and dog/child feel really neglected and sad… See?


{photo taken by my *new* phone}


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One response to “New Phone = Less Grown Up

  1. I just got a BlackBerry, thus making me feel like a real grown-up. Not quite as grown-up as you, but still. I have been playing w/it non-stop. I’m addicted to Word Mole & have found myself staying up past my “bedtime” to finish a level… I’m still working on how I keep accidentally muting people during calls with my cheek (oops), but overall I like it. My boss has a Droid & he loves it. Enjoy!

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