Well poop.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the whole shift in the astrological sign situation. Some people are all “this totally makes sense! I always knew I was more of a _____ than a _____”.  I am not in that camp. Maybe it’s because I liked my “old” sign – it was noble, firey, fun. Now, I’m whatever comes before my old sign and that is just not cool. Plus, now this someecard is not just hysterical, it is depressingly true:

someecards.com - I'm sorry your new astrological sign has rendered your tattoo meaningless.

Now I’m just a Leo wannabe. Great.

Can you see it? There on my right shoulder? Oh yea, it’s exactly what you think it is.

Ok, I’m actually being a little dramatic (see, such a Leo trait!) – I’m not really that upset about the whole thing. And I do really think that someecard is hysterical, especially since it’s true in my case. But who cares – I think what I’m going to do is take suggestions about what my tattoo could mean. Thoughts? Here is a clearer version of what my ink looks like:

Ready…. go!

UPDATE: Apparently the change in signs only applies to people born after 2009, which sort of makes sense since your sign is supposed to be about what astrological sign you were born under (i.e. what was out in the night sky when your mom gave birth). Good news for me and my ink! Thanks, Siena!!



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3 responses to “Well poop.

  1. Big Mama

    It is the secret sign only for those who have climbed Everest….without oxygen. Remember when you did that….I do……..you lost your camera.

  2. Funny, I have a post I’m working on regarding the same issue AND my tattoo has to do with my sign, too…I have a moon on my hip because Cancer is the only sign that’s run by the moon. I’m still not completely convinced that I’m a Cancer, though, even with my tattoo haha.

  3. Dad

    Well, as your Grandfather indicated in his wedding toast to you, it is clearly an image of the worm you used to catch the fish you cleaned (with soap) as a little girl.

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