Design Ideas: Unique Wall Art

I saw this photo on automatism and love the maple leaf wall piece:

I know my friend Maddie is having a fit about that bird and what is with that skeleton thing on the bookcase? But the maple leaf, I love.

Do you have any unique pieces of wall art in your house? The walls in our house need some attention, so I’d love to hear about what you guys are doing with your open walls…



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2 responses to “Design Ideas: Unique Wall Art

  1. My new favorite place to look for eye-catching wall art is: NOT A GALLERY. Visit them at:

    The images are fresh and unique, and the artist, Justin Belmont, does an excellent job digitally re-coloring them, making them extremely vibrant. His framing technique is interesting as well – you can read about it on his website. But the best thing is that they are inexpensive (especially for their size), and you can order them online! They come quickly and ready to go straight onto your wall with no fuss. Genius!!!

  2. Maddie

    YOU KNOW ME SO WELL!!! It freaks me out that it’s just staring at the wood–why couldn’t it be a frog or a candle or something…

    I, for one, like the idea of funky wall art, but only if the rest of your house is on the modern side.

    Not only is the bird disturbing my ability to comment, but what’s up with the weirdo skeleton pic in the top left? eeek! This should be sent to Catalog Living!

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